Business success requires not only the objectives set properly, but also the clear perception of the starting point — the situation in which a brand or a company is at the moment. On the way to the goal it is important to check if we are going in the right direction. Media reasearch allows us to solve these problems for advertising campaigns.

Nostra Media is officially signed to all the key research products needed for the independent monitoring of media environment. This gives us ability to evaluate the effectiveness of any campaign in the past and predict results for future campaigns.




Nostra Media team possesses extensive experience in marketing activity planning. Market survey is the corner stone in such planning. It helps determine obstactles on the path to client’s objectives. Among these obstacles could be consumer stereotypes, low brand awareness, competitive attack and more. Recognition and careful study of the obstacles provides foundation for a proper marketing strategy to overcome them. Naturally, Client’s resources and capabilities are taken into account.

Marketing planning shows why brands underperform and how to correct it. To paraphrase a famous joke, Nostra Media sees the obectives and sees obstacles as well, but we know how to overcome them too.


Sometimes there is a confusion between marketing and strategic planning. To put it simple: marketing planning substantiates that to boost sales company should improved perceived quality among potential buyers. Strategic planning develops vision as to what brand says via which communication channels to get this improvement. For example: «We need a quality credential campaign on TV and OOH with a testimonial from a celebrity who is a trusted person among our target audience».

It is hard to overestimate the importance of communication channel mix. In one of our cases we convinced Client to include radio in the mix, because our research showed it had very good reach for the target audience. Eventually Client’s brand leaped from #4 to #1 by volume in its category.




It might seem that media planning leaves little space for creativity if compared to marketing or strategic planning. The choice of TV channels, radio stations, press and internet sites as well as their schedule are guided by strict mathematical logic.

However media planning requires less of creative impulse but more  of calmness and professionalism of a jeweler. The planner should clearly and carefully carry out all the actions, not only to preserve the value of the materials, but also to obtain a real jewel — the highest possible added value.

Nostra Media plans media with a jeweler’s precision — our campaigns show actual results, which differ by less then 1 per cent from the planned parameters.


Nostra Media places advertising in all key communication channels: digital, TV, press, radio, OOH. We built strong and friendly relations with all sales houses, publishers and advertising operators — it is no surprise if you have been in the business for more than 10 years.




We at Nostra Media are confident that in modern interdepedent world the boundaries between creative, media and other agency types are vanishing. Specialized and boutique agencies are here to stay of course. But the 21 century agency should have the broadest outlook possible to see the Client’s tasks as a whole.

The consumers are changing as well. They become more sophisticated thanks to the wide range of brands in each product category. They get more opportunities to avoid advertising messages. That is why we are focusing on consumer insigns and behavior, we benchmark other categories and brands, we monitor market situation, distribution and more.

Nostra Media is a media plus agency.