Media Research. Before planning a campaign, you need to know how your customers interact with the media, how your key competitors are advertising. Media studies provide answers to these questions. Nostra Media relies on data from the Nielsen panel, on MMI TNS research and analytics for online advertising planning. We can evaluate the complete campaigns and predict the results of the future ones.

Omnichannel Planning. Advertising agency should have a broad outlook to see the tasks of the client as a whole and ensure the concerted efforts of media, technology, people and creativity. Consumers have become more experienced, they have more opportunities to avoid advertising. Therefore, when developing a media plan, we study insights and observe the behavior of the target audience, look at the situation on the market and the benchmark category. All this provides a media campaign with an omnichannel brand experience for a consumer.

Media Buying. Nostra Media works with all types of media: television, digital, press, radio, outdoor advertising. For 13 years of work in the market we have established partnerships with all major media, traditional and digital. The purpose of the media agency is to find the best opportunities for accomplishing the advertiser’s tasks with the lowest budget. We do this for our clients.

Media Placement. Placement management, creative management, quick response, monitoring, reports. Planning with optimization of coverage and frequency. In media planning a pinpoint accuracy is needed to bring advertising creativity and get into the perception zone of the buyers at the right time in the right place. And repeat.

Real-time optimization. When the campaign is launched, we proactively optimize it. It is a constant detailed comparison of real placement indicators with planned ones, interpretation of what is happening, and, if necessary, adjustments. As a result, your campaign reaches its full potential.

Consulting. Nostra Media is a media knowledge broker. We analyse information about Ukrainian media landscape and make trainings and seminars for our clients.