• Year of creation

    Year of creation

    Our commitment to innovations is reflected in the original name of the agency. NOSTRA Communications stands for Novel Strategic Communications.

  • Completed advertising campaigns

    Completed advertising campaigns

    Among our cases are campaignes, which boosted Client's sales 3-4 times and pushed their brands to category leadership.

  • We are in Top-20 media agencies

    We are in Top-20 media agencies

    Nostra Media is in Top-20 agencies by billings and Top-15 most effective media agencies in Ukraine.

  • Average years of experience

    Average years of experience

    We do hot hire people. We choose them.

  • Media tools

    Media tools

    We created four own software tools for media planning and develop a new one.

  • We are Top-3 national media agency

    We are Top-3 national media agency

    Nostra Media is one of the biggest national media agencies in Ukraine.

По годам

Our first clients: Bosnalijek, ARGO, Organon, Berlin-Chemie, Vitek.

We created ReGroup by merging with «Pyati Element» (Fifth Element) agency (creative director Luc Chenier). The same year we made it to the shortlist of KMRF with VAZ campaign.

New clients: Bank Renaissance, Levada, UkrAvtoVAZ, Capital Real Estate, Denza Workspace, Herbalis.

We made a strategic decision to focus on media services. New Clients: Raptor, Salamander, Salton and TAS insurance group.

Media focus made a good return for the agency. New clients: Global Ukraine, Kyiv Vitamin FactoryFrau Schmidt.

We finalized series of software tools for strategic and tactical media planning as well as niche solutions.

New clients: MegaMax, Automobile auctions.

Nostra joined the National Advertising Coalition. Nostra Communications and industry-focused Sostav.ua portal launched «Mediafaculty» educational initiative.

  • Successful digital campaigns for Fujifilm cameras.
  • Black Camel campaign.
  • Campaign for Canadian Embassy to Ukraine.
  • Special event and coverage for Milavitsa.
  • Launch campaign for Fiskars tools.
  • Campaign for Aevit.
  • Presentation and PR services for Inkerman Nouveau.
  • Magnicor brand launch for KVZ: brand volume share in its category grew from 5 to 31 per cent. This was the case that earned bronze 2015 Effie Award for Nostra and SEM Ukraine in «Single-channel campaign» nomination.
  • Sponsorship project for «Klub Syru» (Cheese Club) brand in «Vse bude smachno» (It’s all gonna be tasty) TV show.
  • Bronze Effie Awards Ukraine 2015 for Magnikor communication campaign (KVZ)
  • Nostra entered the Top-15 most efficient media agencies and now shares 13-14 place.

Our mission

  • Raison d’être of our agency is encoded in its original name — Nostra Communications. The first impression might be that we wanted to emphasize the national background and character by using Italian word «nostra» meaning «ours». In fact it was a game of abbreviation with the words novel and strategic. Therefore Nostra Communications means «Novel Strategic Communications».
  • From the very beginning we aimed at creating innovative advertising strategies. Nostra Media employs all latest media tools, which are standard for the industry. But we are going further – we developed our own technologies and know-hows that could give an upper hand to our Clients.
  • We are confident that quality agency service in the modern word requires going beyond media strategy, planning, and buying. It means understanding Client’s business as well as consumer insights. Thus we go out of the «average media agency» box and help Clients deelop their business. We do this because this is essential for the agency’s development as well. We are growing when our Clients are growing too.

This is why we say that Nostra Media is a «media plus» agency.

NOSTRA success factors

  • Expertise
  • Strategic thinking
  • Diligence