One of our clients, ARGO, once said:

«The agency is about people in the first place. The people who sense you and your business. The people you can trust 100 per cent… This is why we work with Nostra».

We have over 10 years of successful experience on Ukrainiand media market thanks to ‘every Client precious’ approach multiplied by dilligence on every stage of every project. We are temped to go outside the limits of the brief and review situation as a whole: market dynamics, competitive activities, our own insights. As a result we reach efficient solutions in each case which leads to long-term cooperation with the Client. But only a predisposed person can provide such an intellectual approach. The talented person. The person who does not simply fill in a vacancy but complements the team. A synergy effect by combination of talents — that is what we are seeking.

Therefore we do hot hire people. We choose them. This is the founding basis of the agency.