As a national agency, which operates by international standards, we use all commonplace media research services and software. These are industry standards we adhere to.

Moreover we call ourselves ‘media plus’ agency for a reason. Nostra Communications offers own in-house media technologies and tools. These know-hows give a competitive advantage to our clients.

PS But we always remember that technology is lifeless without a human touch.

3D Strategy

3D strategy is a universal technology, created built on the basis of a complex mathematical model. This know-how by Nostra allows for a quicker strategic planning and more tactical improvements during campaign. It helps dynamically alter campaign strategy and automatically adjust budgets.


Test Markets


Nostra Media developed a tool for modelling a nationwide advertising campaign on a regional scale. By proving the strategy on a test market, the risks and costs of brand promotion could be lowered. Besides this technology helps measure media weight of TV advertising campaign in towns not included in peoplemeter panel.


The technology allows for quick selection of the most efficient media mix for a specific audience. D-Mentor is based on the analysis of how various media channels are perceived by various target audiences in relation to campaign objectives.


Nostra TV-Planner


The technology helps determine the optimal level of frequency and reach for a new campaign and predict its effect. The tool algorythm utilizes the database of the past campaigns to pick up similar approaches and approximate the given parameters of a planned campaign.